7 Surprisingly Literary “Fan-Fictions” By Famous Authors

Updated: Jul 10

We all love books and if you’re anything like us, when you finish a truly great book you want more! Your eyes crave another sentence to feed to your hungry imagination. You want another chapter so that you can stay with those characters for just a moment more.

There are some authors, though, who’ve acted on this desire and created works of their own that extend the universe of another author. There is a rumor that 50 Shades of Grey (E.L. James) was originally a fan-fiction based on the Twilight series (Stephenie Meyer). While most fan-fiction is un-authorized and is submitted to the web for fun, some renowned authors have written famous extensions of another author’s universe and been met with fame.

Originally posted on Crafty House.

We’ve compiled our 7 favorites “fan-fics” for you, plus one honorable mention that will have you puzzled!

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