How to Use eBooks to Market Your Business

Updated: Jul 10

Marketing is a crucial component to the success of any business, and marketing at its most basic level is simply content being distributed for an audience. In today’s age content, or the creation and distribution of information are supreme. Social media, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and the news are all examples of mediums that are driven to providing some form of content to people. The benefit of so much content being provided and consumed heightens a business’s chance of being recognized by a larger audience. The downside is that the lines between quality over quantity begins to blur and the consumers become so inundated with information that it appears to become useless to them.

What Are eBooks?

eBook are an efficient and simple medium that a marketing team can utilize to increase an audience. Apple’s iBooks Author, Amazon’s self-publishing, and PDFs are all free services to create an eBook. This allows for a good opportunity for a marketing team on a budget to get creative with their writing and design skills. A vital part of a business is instilling trust within the brand for consumers, one way to do this is having content such as an eBook for a consumer to understand and learn more about the business.

Grow Audience Outreach

Emailing is a very simple and quick way for a business to get in touch with their audience. Ad campaigns, newsletters, and general information can easily be shared via email to masses of people without spending too much money. An email address for a company has the possibility to equal revenue. However, building a huge email blast list can prove to be quite a challenge. Advertising a free eBook download is a great solution to this problem. An eBook, especially one that appears to be useful and beneficial can draw in a potential consumer to provide their name and email to receive the free product. The quality of the eBook can be a determining factor as to whether or not the consumer will want to continue inquiring about the product or service.

Create Brand Recognition & Interest

Creating an easily recognizable brand is a necessary step to marketing your business. A brand can enhance its notoriety by having a unique “thing” that makes them stand apart from other businesses. Such as the Apple Keynote Event where Apple announces modifications to current products and announces new products. An eBook can operate in the same capacity on a lower scale. For example, releasing an eBook biannually to announce new products and the distinction from other market products or to converse about where the market is headed and ways to improve it. The content can be virtually about anything that is related to the business or where the business is headed. The objective of an eBook is to create an interest in the business and create a connection between the consumer and the product/service. A consumer may download a copy of a free eBook from a certain brand, and if they were to see the brand’s name in public or on a different media platform they are more likely to buy or spend more time looking at the product.

Increase in Revenue

There is an entire genre of books dedicated to celebrities. It appears that amidst their very busy celebrity schedules some will release an autobiography out of the blue. These books often do very well on the market, because of this relationship between product and consumer. The consumer will buy a book because they want to learn more about the product (the celebrity) that they believe is not obtainable for free. An eBook can follow this same model, people will pay for something when they believe it holds value. If a business releases an eBook that contains valuable information there is a possibility of increasing revenue as well as increasing notoriety for the company. A paid eBook should be higher in quality and quantity than a free advertised eBook, but the central goal with both is to grow the audience.

A company can potentially have a superior invention or service model than something on the market but if no one knows about it than that business will not be as successful. In marketing, it is essential to make use of any medium that can potentially grow the business. Offering a free eBook, or selling one can be a worthwhile attempt to increase audience outreach and revenue. This alternative marketing option is a low-risk way to generate brand recognition.

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