Social Media for Business: Discovering the Right Content to Post

Updated: Jul 10

It may have taken some time to catch on, but today so many businesses are flocking to social media to attract new customers. The simplest explanation for this is that there exists a new generation of young buyers in the market who are receiving their information from social media every single day. They are following companies that they are passionate about, and more than ever they are opting to skip the retail lines and do their shopping online. It is smart to utilize social media in your business, however finding the right content that you should be posting is not always easy. Here are a few tips for businesses who–whether on social media already or just considering using it–want to learn what the best type of content to post is.

Understanding Social Media

Before we can begin to talk about content, it is important to understand what type of tool social media is so that you are posting appropriately. Companies who do not have a deeper understanding of social media can post content that is similar to what you would see in a magazine advertisement or a television commercial. That type of content is not going to have the same effect as it does in those outlets, because social media is a social networking platform. Most people do not log on to their pages to view sales content or find coupons. They log on to check in with their friends and find out what is happening in the circle that they have created for themselves. Because of this, the normal sales content might turn people away and keep them from clicking to learn more. The businesses that have become exceptional at using social media normally have very strong brand awareness. They know who they are and what they stand for and they post content that allow customers to get to know them better. They interact with their “fans” and ask questions to discover what their audience is looking for. Keep this in mind as you start to wrap your mind around what type of content you want to post.

Identifying Your Audience

The next step before you post content is to identify who will be the most interested in what you have to sell. Identifying your audience is such a crucial step to success in business because it helps you to narrow down and specialize in what you are putting out. When it comes to creating content, knowing your audience will help you to post what is the most relevant to them and provide them with real value beyond what a sales advertisement can offer. Building this type of relationship with your fans will build brand loyalty, and hopefully will help you to gauge the success of your product or services through online reviews and interactions. Over time your audience may change and you may begin to appeal to a wider range of people. Social media is an excellent tool for keeping track of some of those changes and allows you to grow with your audience, interact with them, and stay in touch with what they are looking for.

Determining Content Type

A popular trend with young consumers today is to follow companies on social media who they identify with in some way. Examples of companies they are looking for partner with environmental organizations, are committed to going green, sell healthy food products with no artificial flavors or preservatives, or make and sell their products locally. Customers who are passionate about these ideals are interested in learning more about the company beyond just what products they have available. They consider it their responsibility to be mindful of where they are spending their money. When it comes to marketing your business on social media, the content that you create should be authentic and open about the product or services that you provide. Determine what distinguishes you from the competition and create content that centers around that. Every company has a unique story of how they started, how they grew, and what they stand for. Be open to sharing this with your fans so that those who can identify with you can begin to learn more about you. Try to post useful, value-adding content on your social media at least 80% of the time. Examples of this type of content are How To guides, webinars, videos, blogs, company images, industry articles, and more. The remaining 20% of the time, post sales content or promotions that alert your customers to what is new or what products you are excited about. Have fun with your content and always keep it appropriate for your audience and authentic to your brand.

Setting Up for Consistency

If you are embarking on the adventure of social media for your business, you must be committed to consistency. Posting out content once a month is probably not going to get you the type of interaction or growth that you are looking for. There are many people posting and your followers may not even see half of what you are putting out due to the amount of traffic you have to compete with. Some e-commerce companies are dishing out content at a rate of three to five times every single day. This ambitious number may not be the right goal for you because you want to make sure that you are being consistent with the amount of content you post. Whether you decide to post three times a week, or once a day, just make sure that you have enough time to create quality content every single time. However long it takes you to make quality content is how you should plan for your scheduling time frames.

Wrapping it Up: What do You Want to See in Your Social Media Campaign?

As you start creating content and posting out on social media, keep on eye on the feedback you receive. You may have to pivot several times when it comes to finding the right type of material. Keep an open mind and have fun with the experience. Sometimes you may not receive excellent results right away, but if you feel strongly and believe in the material that you are creating, give it the time that it needs to resonate with your fans. Above all, have passion for what you are creating and never put out material that you are not proud of.


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