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Best Insurance Marketing Ideas of 2020

When it comes to marketing, there is a lot that goes into it whether it be for a specific business, person, product, or service that can be provided. With best practices for marketing, there are many ideas out there, but only a few are considered the best ones to follow. As we have seen a world of change this year, the same can be said for marketing and technology. Read on to discover the best insurance marketing ideas of 2020.

The Power of a Good Website

With modern technology, everything is at our fingertips including insurance. Having a website that provides ease of access to possible buyers, or those that are already a member, is essential to your success. Did you know that 75% of consumers judge a business based on their website? Having a quality website will benefit your business. With how high the judgement is, it is imperative to make sure your website will bring in consumers, not turn them away. Along with the website being aesthetically pleasing, it is important to have these three features to be successful:

1. Mobile-friendly. More than half of those viewing a website are using their mobile phone. So, by having a website that is mobile friendly will offer you more consumer visits that keep them on your website.

2. Security. Security is safer for your consumers or potential new business clients. Google will also deter consumers from viewing your website if your website does not begin with https.

3. Speed. 62% of people reported that they will wait no more than five seconds for a website to load before they decide to leave. Knowing this, you may lose website traffic if it takes too long to load. Check your website speed here.

Try not to make your website too busy with information overload. You should provide easy navigation and make sure there are plenty of eye-catching sections, tabs, and clickable tabs. This will ensure higher traffic amounts, longer consumer engagement, and an increase in sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have an appealing website that consumers can go to with their computers, tablets, or mobile phones, you need to work on getting them to your website. That is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. SEO is used to gain traffic on your website by moving up your ranking on Google pages and other search engines, such as Bing.

The importance of SEO is as simple as knowing that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. That is only a stifling number if you’re relying on loyalty and word of mouth. If your insurance website is ranking well with Google, you will gain traffic and have great marketing for your insurance website. Here are some helpful tips on how to be successful with SEO:

1. Optimized Title Tags. A title tag is the large blue titles that come up in a search. It is what draws people to your website. By using popular words or brief descriptions as your title tag, more people will find your title tag, which takes them to your website. It is good to keep them relevant and short. It is also important to use frequently used keywords. You can find these keywords by signing up for SEO resources, such as SEMrush, or use Google Trends.

2. Quality Content. Google knows quality work. If your content is error free, engaging, well written, and grammar-correct, google will reward you with a higher rank.

3. Social Signals. Social signals are the likes, reviews, shares, pins, votes, links, or retweets on social media sites. The best way to think of social signals is to think of an assist in basketball. Social signals and media are the player passing the ball, and SEO is the player that catches the ball and shoots the three-pointer.

4. Quality Backlinks. Ever hear of the phrase, “guilty by association”? What this phrase means when we think of backlinks is if you have a website with a high or low authority, your website would be ranked that way. Google launched the Penguin Algorithm as a way to combat bad links because people used to purchase multiple links in order to get higher rankings on Google, so if you have a link on your website or associate with a link that is low authority, Google will penalize you for it. For more assistance on uncovering bad links, Google has a webmaster tool for free to help identify low authority links.

Social Media Utilization

Creating organic traffic is simple when done the right way. Social Media is ever-present and a quick way to gain a following and viewers online. With over 3.81 billion users actively using social media as of 2020, it is absolutely necessary to have social media accounts for your insurance business. It is a place to get free reviews, comments, shares, retweets, and links. It provides the consumer quick access to all things insurance.

By posting comments, informational videos, links to your website, and offers for quick answers to consumers, your website will show people that you are an insurance business that is loyal to your clients. Utilizing social media and SEO will only help with your website.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog for your insurance company will only help your business. You can post daily, weekly, and/or monthly blogs about insurance. It is material that will garner more traffic to your website and take you to an entirely new level as an insurance provider. Your company will become the go-to for all things insurance because your clients will trust you.

More Than a Video

Another great way to market your business is to use videos. Currently, over one billion consumers watch hours worth of videos each day! Your brand is not just your content, but also promotional videos that can be on all your platforms, such as your website, social media, and blog. You can promote how-to's, explain confusing insurance jargon, teach, and show reviews from consumers. The more your insurance business is seen, the more traffic you will have.

Organic Traffic is Not Enough

After utilizing your organic traffic revenues, the next step is to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC). With internet and mobile usage as high as it is, paid advertising is an avenue that should be utilized. There are two different types of intent when it comes to search engines: low commercial and high commercial. Based on the tag lines you search for, they will bestow you with one of those types. With low commercial intent, there will be less advertisements at the top of the search page. With a high commercial intent, there will be more advertisements, which are PPC. If you have great organic traffic, then a high commercial intent with PPC will only give you a further advantage.

Let’s say someone searches “Do I need insurance?”, that most likely will come up with a low commercial intent, which is where you would want your blog to pop up. If someone searches “best insurance to buy”, that will come up with a high commercial intent, which is where your PPC will come in.

Conquer Marketing and Being the “New” Insurance Company

Now you know the best insurance marketing ideas of 2020. If you want to see traffic growth, then these marketing ideas for your insurance company is something that can you should greatly consider. Imagine you being the go-to insurance company that customers can rely on, because you have all the knowledge on how to utilize marketing? Sounds like a success dream to me.


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