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Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors

After spending days, weeks, and maybe even years writing your book, it is finally finished! But now you are asking yourself, what do I do now? The next step is to market your creativity and earn a profit! Marketing your book is a great way to get it noticed and talked about by others. Isn't that what we all want people to talk about our ideas? You should know first that marketing your book takes planning and time, so have an end goal in mind before starting this adventure. Get ready to share more about yourself and your book to the world. Here are some ways a self-published author can market their book.

Start Your Own Blog or Website.

Starting a blog or website early in your career is the best way to grow your audience. Posting work that you like and knowing what your target audience wants is key. Share things that your target audience would search on google. For example, as a lover of true crime, if I were to write a book on this genre, then my target audience would be other people who love true crime. With that being said, I would likely write blogs on current events happening with true crime, reviews, my own thoughts on other true crime books, and maybe facts and other information on the different crime stories I am wanting to write about.

In addition, having a few blog posts about why you are passionate about whatever you’re writing about is key because it gets your reader to feel an emotional connection to you instead of just reading something and not caring about the author. As the release date for your book comes closer and closer, think about adding more to your blog to promote your book. Posting competitions, polls, giveaways, and more to your blog can help get more people to notice your book for becoming more interactive.

Increase Your Online Presence & Use Social Media!

We live in a world full of online personas. Everything we do is online now. There are many ways you can go about increasing your appearance online. Try posting your articles on websites that get a lot of traffic. This will help you get noticed and may lead to increasing traffic on your own website. You can also contribute to forums that are about something that interests you, or that relate to your book. Or, you can ask other websites or blogs that are popular among your target audience to interview you, and ask to the company to write a guest post about you and your book. With that being said, always remember to include a link to your website, or on books you have written or are writing, in the byline. Use social media as a way to engage with your own audience. This is what social media is best for! Start by seeing what your audience responds back to the most. Are they engaging more with opinion type posts, polls, reviews, or random things that happen? Then, with this response, learn how to keep your audience engaged by posting what they want to see. Pleasing your audience will increase your social media following, which will help sell and promote your book.

Learn From Others.

With so many other authors around the world writing different genres, a good way to market your own book is to learn from what your favorite authors did to market theirs. Look at their titles, cover designs, and typography. These can show you what your gene target audience looks foryour book if you don’t know it already. Read the reviews to get a good idea of what people who read the book like and don't like. This is a good way to expand on what you think you should do for your own book.

Gather Reviews of Your Book.

A good way to learn what your audience wants is to ask them for reviews. If you have any books already published, you can ask people who have reviewed that book to review your new book. Politely ask them to help you get an early review to see what you can work on beforehand.

Another good idea is if you are a first time author, is to look at books in your genre and see what the reviews say for those books. This can help you get a sense of what others like with other books. Goodreads, a website for people to review and learn about other books, can be used to get early reviews on your book. With more and more bloggers using their platform to promote books that they like, you could get in touch with those bloggers and ask them for their own opinion on your book. Don’t forget — we live in a world surrounded by the internet, which makes this a perfect opportunity to use your social media platforms and ask your followers their opinions. Use a poll, or post a chapter of your book. Get your audience excited for what's to come!

Get Your Audience Excited for Your Book!

Promote, promote, promote! Keep talking about your book. Make sure people know you are coming out with a new book and that you are excited for it. Write a blurb (100-150) words summarizing your book, which will be published in the back of it. This is your time to lure your target audience in and to get them to want to read your book with exciting and entertaining marketing. Most of all, always add editorial reviews on the bottom of the blurb.

The Cover Matters!

Although the well-known saying is, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” that is exactly what people do. Humankind is judgy. We like aesthetically pleasing things to look at. If you don't know what your cover design should be, maybe think about investing in a professional cover design service. If you know someone that can design a cover for you, reach out to them. Or, find someone online who you believe will get the image across that you want.

Use Amazon’s Promotional Tools.

Amazon is a top provider for books with multiple promotional tools, such as:

1. KDP select. This is a free kindle service that is used to reach more people and help you earn money at no additional cost. You can use this for just one of your books or as many as you want. This program asks for 90 days distribution rights to your ebook. This can help with visibility and sales. In addition, any sales that you make during this period of time will be rewarded by amazon, who will give you a 70% royalty earning.

2. Amazon Author Central. Setting up an author account for amazon can be very beneficial. This will become your own page with your biography, photos, videos, events, and details of your upcoming books. It also comes with a sales page — listing every book you have on amazon. This is a great way to cross-promote multiple books, especially when you have readers who are loyal to your work. It is also a good idea to create an account so you can share it on social media, which will further increase the traffic on your amazon account, and maybe your blog too!

There is also an amazon program that helps you sell paperbacks to libraries. The only problem with this is that the library or school might want to take the book for approval.

Market Your Book as Much as You can!

With social media on the rise and more people streaming online, now is the best time to utilize digital marketing. Use your writing to your advantage by allowing people to escape, mentally, from the pandemic. Social media can be the best way to start up your following and keep those followers with you by interacting with them. Using these book marketing tactics to self-publish might not get you to where you want to be right away, but it's a good way to start letting your followers know that this is you and what you are going to be selling.

If you don't have a publisher, click here for help. Here are also some tips for social media marketing if you haven't mastered the craft just yet. Writing a book is already hard enough, but marketing it and selling it to your audience can be a difficult, tedious task as well. With these tips, you’ll be on the right path to book marketing as a self-published author.


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