• Ethan Benge

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Updated: Jul 10

The world's technology is changing and growing more rapidly than ever. We are constantly trying to keep up with it and work around the learning curves. This rapid growth forces marketers to constantly evolve and stay ahead of the game. Here are 5 different digital marketing trends predicted for 2020. 

1. Social Media Listening

Companies are using social media platforms to market their consumer products more than ever. By utilizing Social Listening, Social Media influencers that work with these companies are able to target followers that are genuinely interested and engaged. Social listening is the process of monitoring your brand’s social media channels for feedback and mentions. This includes brand-specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, which allows you to analyze and gain insight. With the way that we use social media to market consumer products, Social Listening is a trend that is expected to grow exponentially in 2020.

2. Voice Search 

Voice Search isn’t exactly new, however, this technology is rapidly growing. Siri and Cortana have been in our homes for years now, but with the way that we have been transforming everything into automation recently, Voice Search is having a tremendous effect. Using audio technology we are able to voice command a search on the internet, website or app. Speaking of automation and smart homes, who don’t have an Alexa? With simple voice commands, we have Alexa answer our questions, play music, dim the lights, and lock the doors. This trend will have a spike in growth by 2020, just ask Alexa. 

3. Chatbots

Utilization of  Chatbots is a big part of the automation takes over. By taking the data from testing, experimenting, and adjusting, we are able to use this data to constantly improve the digital experience. With advancements in AI, we’ll be able to combine customer experience data with chatbots to create optimal customer service. Customer service employees require a lot of money and personnel for bigger companies, but with improvements in chatbots, companies will be able to cut expenses and provide excellent customer service 24/7. Look to see a heavy increase in the company's use of chatbots.

4. Virtual Reality

This isn’t one of those fads that will fade out in a couple of years. Virtual Reality is going to continue to grow and become more mainstream. It’s predicted that VR headsets are to surpass half a billion in sales by 2025. If you look at top tier companies such as Facebook, Google, and Youtube, they have been investing heavily in VR. When VR originally launched, it could primarily only run off of PC, however, we now even have apps on our mobile devices that can run it. The demand for this experience is growing and the technology is expanding fast, we will soon see it enter the marketing field. 

5. Video Advertising

Companies like Google and Facebook actively utilize video as a way to reach consumers. This type of marketing will only grow as you see mobile tech and apps continue to develop more and more. Pictures and visuals are much more attractive and appealing than just words. Cisco, visual networking index, says that by 2020, there will be over a million minutes of video-per-second crossing the internet and 82 percent of consumers' web traffic will be video.


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