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Facebook Ads for Life Coaches

If you’ve discovered that life coaching is your calling, you may be seeking out the best ways to reach new clients and grow your business. Advertising on social media may not only be the most economical option, but also the most effective depending on your desired client base. If you’re looking to push ads that reach those who would specifically be interested in life coaching, Facebook could be a great platform to utilize. Here’s what you need to know about Facebook ads for life coaches:

Benefits of Facebook Advertising Versus Other Platforms

It may be no surprise that different social media platforms tend to attract a differing audience base. For example, Instagram may have fewer users than Facebook, but the platform actually boasts a much younger average user. This is beneficial to companies that try to advertise tech products, in-style clothing, or communal experiences, such as ride sharing. However, life coaching, which tends to target people in their mid to late 30s and older, would benefit from an older audience-focused platform, like Facebook.

Lindsey Anderson, an expert in life coaching and digital entrepreneurs, says that, “when you run Facebook ads, you will not only increase your website traffic; you can also generate a lead; it lets you interact with your target audience, build credibility, and engage with these audiences.” This is key when trying to build a loyal clientele. Your potential clients will always value direct engagement with them, especially with a field as personal as life coaching. “It works for all types of audiences – from those who are unaware of your services or cold audiences, your warm audiences, or those who are receptive to your services to people who are considering hiring your services as a coach and even those who are your clients right now.”

Facebook works well in the realm of life coaching for the exact reason that Lindsey highlighted. The ads have the potential to be successful on a multitude of audiences. Since life coaching is such a personal business, taking all types of audiences into consideration when planning your ad campaign is key. Also, check out this article on why digital marketing is key for your small business!

Types of Facebook Ads

When advertising on any social media site, it’s easy to overlook the exact type of ad that would be best for your business. You may have the misconception that an ad is simply just an ad and that there’s no real categories when it comes to advertising on social media. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! The main categories for advertisements on Facebook are videos, lead, and link click.

Video Ads

Video ads may be the most common type of ad that you see on Facebook when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed. This type of ad is great for pulling people in immediately for the curiosity of wanting to know how the story ends. Even if your advertisement isn’t told like a story, that curiosity will still be present in your audience making this type of ad a great option if you’d like to pique the interest of a cold audience. These videos can also be up to 120 minutes! However, the most successful ads are typically 90 seconds or less.

Lead Ads

This type of Facebook ad also has a large potential to pique the interest of potential clients, but for a different reason than video ads. Lead ads usually provide an external document that is hopefully of interest to the ad viewer, and is available for viewing or downloading straight from Facebook. This gives your audience the potential to learn more about your services while feeling like they are getting a freebee!

Link Click Ads

As the name suggests, link click ads include a link that will take your viewer to an outside source. In this case, it would likely be your life coaching website. This advertisement may be slightly less enticing to somebody scrolling through their newsfeed because it will interrupt their flow of mindlessly scrolling. If this type of ad is the best for your business, make sure that the picture, gif, or video that the link is attached to is something very attention grabbing.

Still feeling stuck? Check out this page from Facebook that can help you choose the right ad for your business!

Key Aspects to a Successful Life Coaching Facebook Ad

While there is a lot that goes into running a successful ad campaign, remembering a couple of key aspects may help the planning for your advertisement go a little smoother and make the success of the campaign an even bigger one. The three most important parts to any ad campaign are the target, offer, and message.

The target is important because you need to understand who your audience is and why they would care about your life coaching business versus a competitor. The offer is letting your audience know what services you’ll be offering them, so they know what to expect and if your business is the right choice for them. Lastly, the message is how exactly you’re going to portray your message to your audience.

How will your ad leave your audience feeling after they’ve viewed your advertisement? These three aspects are important for any business attempting to advertise on Facebook, but especially so for life coaching. Since life coaching is such a personal business to run, deeply connecting with clients right off the bat is absolutely key.

The Takeaway

It would be an understatement to say that advertising is important for any small business. Knowing how key advertising is to success is already half of the battle. Since social media is so accessible and popular among people all over the world, your best bet for advertising may be in one of the most popular social media sites, like Facebook. There may be many ad types to choose from and even more details of planning that need to be considered, but in the end, Facebook ads are key to any successful life coach.


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