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How Do I Market Myself as a Freelance Writer?

So you are a writer, and now you are finding out that you also need to be business-oriented in order to find good writing gigs. Marketing as a writer can sound scary, but I promise you, it is not as bad as it seems. Being able to market yourself as a freelance writer is essential to getting your name out there! Having strong marketing skills will increase your likelihood of snagging writing gigs, as well as increase your networking.

First and Foremost, Branding

By creating a brand for yourself, you are making yourself more dependable. Creating a personal brand shows your experience, personality, and passion as a writer. Altogether, this can make you more desirable to clients. The best way to begin branding is by networking.

Social Media

The key to marketing yourself in today’s society is through social media. Having a strong social media presence shows your personality and professionalism as a writer. You can showcase your work, discuss upcoming events, and even let others know you are open to jobs. One of the best ways to utilize social media marketing is through a niche. Once you establish a niche in your writing, you can easily target publishers and be found by ones that are seeking writers. Posting images on Instagram that relate to your specialty, Tweeting a link to your online blog, or posting relevant conversation to your LinkedIn page are all beneficial.

Creating The Niche

Your niche will go hand in hand with your social media. Finding a particular topic to write about that you most enjoy will allow you to standout from others. If you focus on one thing and get really good at it, you are going to be a top choice for potential employers that fit your niche. If your specialty is travel, work on having your social media reflect it, such as making your header a photo from your favorite place. Employers, colleagues, and even followers will come across your page(s) much easier when your social media outlets showcase your niche.

Stay in School

Consistently expanding your knowledge as a freelance writer is important! Attend writers workshops and seminars to keep your skills sharp. You will likely meet other writers there to network with, new colleges, and even potential employers so get ready to market yourself!

Keep Your Portfolio Up To Date

Having all of your best work in one place is not only convenient, but is an incredible way to market yourself. Online portfolios allow others to easily access your work without having to ask you for it. Websites like Contently offer marketing strategies to creatives users and also houses their online portfolio. Better yet, their freelancer division allows users to connect with brands for potential freelance positions! Wix, Wordpress and Blogger are also good websites to create your own friendly and creative-oriented portfolio.

Team Up

Connecting and teaming up with other freelancers is a wonderful way to spread your name and brand. This can be as easy as collaborating with a freelance graphic designer. They design you a super cool logo, you curate their website, you both credit each other, and there you have it. Hopefully you have already started your social media profiles! LinkedIn is a wonderful place to connect with other creators to build your network and find others to collaborate with. There is power in helping one another land awesome writing gigs!


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