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How to Network as an Author

As an author, networking can seem a bit intimidating and difficult. Networking with other writers is very different from those networking in a business. Your work may be focused on science fiction and another author’s might be poetry. As a writer, the material you create is special to you, and it can be hard to share it so freely with others that may not so easily connect with it. Following a few tips on how to network as an author may help you ridden some of those networking fears!

Attend Events

One of the easiest and more exciting ways to network is through events. Events you can attend as a writer include writer workshops and literary events. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss your genre of work with others in a low stress environment. There are bound to be a handful of writers like you. At events, you can talk with experienced writers, as well as editors and publishers, to seek guidance. You may even make new friends or find a new book to buy from fellow writers!

Host an Event

Create a page online to advertise your own event and spread the word. People are always looking for something fun and new to do, so hosting readings, author meetups, and your own workshops are great ways to connect people to your work. As a bonus, you will meet people that share a similar passion for writing as you. If you want to host an event virtually and connect people worldwide, an easy way to do so is by conducting a webinar for your event.

Your Niche

Odds are, you are a writer that has a niche something specific you like to write about or focus on. In a world with so many specialties, your niche may be easily lost among others. Take advantage of this and market your niche until it is overloading the Internet. As I already mentioned, attending and hosting events are great ways to meet people with an interest in a similar niche as you. By focusing your niche marketing on the Internet and in social outlets, you can reach a massive audience just waiting for new media like yours.

Social Media Strategies

Just about every author these days has a social media page. Sometimes, that is all you need for your publication to really take off. Poetry author Rupi Kaur made a name for herself with Milk + Honey all through Instagram. Social media is an excellent way for your audience to connect with you, and a way for you to reach others interested in your genre of writing. Platforms like Twitter will allow you to provide quick updates to your audience. You can take your social game one step further and curate a blog dedicated to your work as an author. In our society today, people are highly influenced by the Internet, so take it to the web and market your work!


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