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7 Tips on How to Promote a Book on Instagram

If you’re new to your writing career, you may be wondering how to get the word out about your work. Luckily, so much advertising can be done on the app that you likely spend a lot of time on anyways: Instagram! Check out these 7 tips on how to promote your book on Instagram.

1. Create a Business Profile on Instagram

Since over 200 million Instagram users visit business profiles each day, setting one up for your professional writing is a great first step. This type of account looks far more professional and will give your audience an understanding of what your page is really about.

Check out this page if you want to know how to set up yours!

2. Pay Close Attention to Your Photography Style

No matter what the subject of your Instagram is, people like to see an aesthetically pleasing feed; however, this doesn’t just mean you should post photos of a well-lit space with a nice background. Use this as an opportunity to make your photos match your writing! This could mean using ominous lighting if you’re writing in the horror or mystery genre, or consistently utilizing bright colors if you specialize in lighthearted youth content. Check out this article on how to understand and build your brand as an author.

3. Find Other Authors Who Write In The Same Genre

Getting in touch with other authors can be a giant bump in promotion for your book, especially if you find content creators who share similar interests and aspirations. Peeking at who follows your peers in the field and what they all have in common can give you a better sense of how to tackle marketing.

If that’s not telling enough for you, I suggest speaking with these authors directly! Ask them to give you tips on how they got started. Learning from other’s experiences provides invaluable information and insight.

4. Utilize Hashtags

If you’ve used Instagram at all, you’ve probably seen nearly everybody using hashtags. There’s a good reason for that: hashtags are the key to helping people connect with the content that interests them the most. Doing some research about what the best hashtags are for up-and-coming authors can skyrocket your book sales with no cost to you!

5. Promote Your Reader’s Content

If you’ve already got a couple of loyal fans under your belt, showcasing them on your Instagram story will not only encourage them to continue to post about their favorite author (you!), but will also show your other followers that people just like them are enjoying your work. This will inspire others to trust your content and reach for your book next time they’re looking for something new to read!

6. Showcase a Key Quote or Phrase

Since piquing your audience’s interest is of the utmost importance in increasing your book sales, showing a sneak peek of what your book has to offer can be enough to get your followers interested in reading your work! Try finding a short quote in your book that tells a lot about the main character or a turning point in the story. Select something that’s sure to make the reader want to read more!

7. Host a Giveaway

It’s no secret that people love free stuff. Giving away a few of your books or pieces of merchandise can really bring more people to your page; it also can encourage them to read your work. Usually, Instagram giveaways entail tagging people in the comments of your post and people following your page, which will build your platform. Although some may argue that these new followers could be temporary, there’s a good chance that those followers have entered your giveaway because they like your content and would want to see more of it.

The Final Takeaway

The truth is, it’s difficult promoting any product, including (and maybe especially) books. But luckily, with Instagram and other social media being so easily accessible, promoting your writing has never been so simple. Try a few of these tips on how to promote your book on Instagram and see what my suggestions can do for your latest masterpiece!

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