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How to Upskill Yourself in the Workplace

Do you love your career, but feel like it doesn’t offer you everything you dreamed it would? Seeing your coworkers or colleagues get offered a promotion you have wanted for so long, because they have specific skills that you don’t, can hurt. Well, you can fix this by upskilling yourself! Upskilling means to teach an employee additional skills. This can be pursued individually, or the employer may request an upskilling so their employees can learn and perform better for the sake of the business’ success. Even freelance workers can utilize this method. Upskilling will give yourself a whole arsenal of experiences and x-factors that employers and businesses crave. You will no longer be passed up for a promotion or a freelance opportunity. Here are a few steps to help plan for your next successful career move:

In Five Steps

The first step is to know what you like and what you want for your current or dream job. From there, you can see what needs to be done to improve your current situation or a way to gain new skills to get to where you want to be.

An idea is always the best place to start. If you want to start out in the freelance world or continue in your current line of work, you need to have an idea of what you want. In addition, you need to put in the effort if you really want to succeed. So, it is best to experiment on how you can grow to see if those ideas are the right ones for your career.

It is also important to know which of your current skills need to be improved and which you need for the specific job you desire. Technology is a huge part of every career. Upskill courses that would benefit any career or freelance job would be Google Analytics, Email Marketing Fundamentals, SEO – Blog Strategy and Technical Audits, Online Freelance Essentials, and Lead Generations with Social Media.

Now that you know which skills you need to improve your career and land that promotion, it is time to build your brand. Whether you are a seasoned employee at your company or a fresh face, never underestimate an up-to-date portfolio. When you apply for the promotion, your higher ups want to see that you have never stopped learning, growing, and that you have skills and a history of the company on your side. You will stand out from everyone else.

Lastly, always keep upskilling because you will always be in demand. This way, you will know your worth and price points. You can live that life you dreamed of rather than watch others take your desired promotion!

Never Stop Upskilling

By upskilling yourself in the workplace, you are setting yourself up for success. You will become the in-demand worker that everyone aspires to be. The more research you do on what skills jobs are seeking, the better you will be able to upskill yourself. Upskilling is not just about gaining a few new skills here and there, it is a process that should always be on your mind and in your everyday life.

Here are a few great places to start your search on ideas for upskilling yourself: AIHR, CNBC, HAYS, InTheBlack, and Viking Blog. You can also turn to social media, blogs, vlogs, and google/bing. There is an immense amount of information out there just waiting for you to uncover it.

Remember, upskilling can be done in numerous ways. Whether you take classes to learn a new language or program, learn more about social media and marketing, volunteer, or even shadow a coworker that is in your desired position, the effort is up to you.

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