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Nanofluencers: How These Small But Mighty Social Influencers Can Elevate Your Business

Nowadays, the world of social media is providing users new terms left and right, and they have one more to add to your list: nanofluencer. These “nanos” are micro-influencers, with as few as 1,000 followers, who are willing to promote products and businesses on their social media channels. These nanofluencers are much like the average person; it could be me or you! Unlike their intimidating influencer counterparts, with thousands to millions of followers, nanofluencers are much more approachable with their audiences. As a result, they serve as a great option for elevating your business.

A Tool For Success

Although their small following may throw companies by the way-side, this notion should not discourage brands from utilizing nanofluencers as a tool for success. One of their most promising aspects deals is their low complexity; as these users are often willing to boast highly of businesses for minimal compensation. Regardless of who sees it, having an individual speak of your brand in a positive light is a vital aspect of growth. In opposition to big-brand celebrities who require terms and conditions to promote brands, most nanofluencers only ask for a product sample or small fee in exchange for public exposure. Some influencers charge upwards of 50,000 dollars just for a few posts in brand content. Even if it reaches a smaller audience, exposure is exposure and that is just what any business trying to grow needs.

Nanofluencers are incredibly driven, and often only agree to work with brands that truly serve their passions. In doing so, these influencers are extremely authentic, which their audience receives a clear gage of through their posts. As a result, they appear much more trust-worthy. If a nanofluencer is promoting a brand, viewers can be certain that it is something they really believe in. Audiences are also encouraged and more willing to follow up with the nanofluencers if they have any questions, as their smaller following increases their approachability.

Need More Convincing?

If your brand is concerned that working with a nanofluencer may not be worthwhile, then they should be aware that partnerships with these micro-influencers are worth looking into. Contrary to popular belief, the engagement rates of nanofluencers are much higher than those of the average influencer, as their smaller following is genuinely interested in the content being produced. According to the State of Market Influencer 2019 by HypeAuditor, the engagement rates are nearly doubled. Subsequently, a post with a nanofluencer may reach more people than a post with a bigger influencer.

Nanofluencers also offer a deeper connection to brands creating content that is more niche-specific to what your business may be looking for. Nanofluencers allow brands to reach different segments of the population, and they even serve as an opportunity to test your product and receive feedback from another audience. In short, work with nanofluencers can be looked at as an opportunity for the growth and expansion for your brand. Who knows, they may be just the tool you need to take your business to the next level.

Utilizing Nanofluencers: Should you do it?

Of course, the branding decisions for your business are left completely in your hands. However, if you find yourself needing an extra boost in viewer traffic, consider reaching out to a nanofluencer to see if they can meet your needs. Although it is true that their following may be smaller, they bring the might with their high audience engagement. These micro-influencers may be the hidden key you need to elevate your business.


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