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Now is the Time to Amp Up Your Social Media Game: Here are the Best Social Strategies to Capitalize

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Social media marketing is a popular tool that is used to get your message shared to a wide audience. Whether you’re starting a business, creating a brand, or you want your voice to be heard, social media can be the means of gaining traction and connecting with your target audience. Just like most things, social networking requires practice! It's important to know certain strategies can make you stand out amongst your competitors. Here are vital strategies to amp up your social media game!

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Make your Messages Meaningful

We live in a world that is so oversaturated that it can be easy for your message to go unheard. Our attention spans are increasingly more limited and its too easy to scroll past someone’s message. This is why it is incredibly important to craft your messages to be innovative and meaningful! Use color and invest in logo design to make your social media strategy effective and attention-grabbing. Turn your messages into graphics as opposed to plain text and invest in video social media marketing to keep your messages engaging and eye-catching.

Post Often

It’s easy to fall behind on the other needs of your business or brand, but posting once a week will not get your message across or generate any buzz. Planning your messages ahead of time and posting at the most popular times for each social media platform can truly make you stand out. You can also repurpose old content if it aligns with your message. For example, if you spoke at a convention, you could make that longer speech into smaller tidbits to share on platforms such as TikTok or Facebook. Check out how to discover the right content for your business here!

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Focus in on your Targeted Demographic

A good social media strategy to follow is to pinpoint who exactly you’re trying to reach. Facebook marketing makes this easy by allowing you to pinpoint certain users with the qualities you’re looking for. If you align your brand to focus on a certain age-range, keep your message consistent and targeted to generate the leads you are hoping for. Make sure what your brand is offering correlates with what that person is searching for. Another great way to see results is through PPC or pay-per-click advertising if you are curious on how to use PPC we have a guide for beginners! 

Track your Progress

Social media marketing is all about numbers. Look at your statistics every week to see what progress your brand is making. Whether it be more views, likes, impressions, follows it is recommended for you to track your growth. This will better help you understand what sort of messaging works vs. what does not work. It is also important to be cognizant of who is interacting with your content. Having an Instagram Business profile makes this super easy for you to track. Twitter also allows you to see how many times someone has engaged or seen your tweet by simply tapping on your published message.

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Set Realistic Goals

If you’re not paying for advertising, your payoff will likely take a little longer. Making realistic and attainable goals is a good start. Think about how many times you want your messages to be seen and how many impressions you want your pages to generate. The more often you post, the more likely your page will be seen. Also, social media platforms are notorious for algorithm changes. Do not be discouraged, but make sure to be well informed so you can plan accordingly.

Post, Like, Share, and GROW!

While social media marketing is complex and is often changing, some things are constant. Keeping your messages meaningful and constant allows your targeted audience to be engaged and could generate some excellent leads. Always be mindful of who the message is geared towards and stay on top of trends that align with your audience. This will keep your brand relevant and fresh! Messaging can be fun, but always keep your eyes on the numbers. Monitor your activity weekly and make sure to keep track of where your numbers are. Always think of where you want your brand to be and set realistic goals to ensure your social media marketing strategy is working. Whatever your goals are, these strategies will help you along the way! If you are looking for some additional help with social media go check out the Cherry Editorial Services page, we can help get you the results you are looking for! 

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