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Successful Author Branding Strategies for Beginners

The days of standing out as an author based solely on your writing skills are an artifact of the past. With the burgeoning of the Internet and social media, where anyone can tout their penmanship, you now need to combine your writing prowess with a measured and sensible author branding strategy to stay ahead of the game. Think of your writing skills like the body shell of a vehicle: foundational and essential for traveling. But you can’t leave your driveway without an engine and tires. Likewise, without a branding strategy, it will be difficult to wield much influence as a writer. Here are some successful author branding strategies for beginners.

Clarify Your Persona and Vision

Before attempting to build your brand via the Web, you should first clearly determine what online persona you hope to project as well as the audience you’d like to engage and why your work will be worth reading. Self-reflect by outlining your core values and how you plan to position yourself within your particular writing space. By forecasting your overall persona and influence, you are providing yourself a guidepost that can frame all of your author branding strategies.

Stay Consistent on Social Media

Just as a vehicle requires consistent and thorough maintenance, your social media presence should follow a similar vein. Mastering the functionality of a few social media platforms and staying consistent with your interactions is key to a successful author branding strategy.

In selecting your platforms, consider your strengths and the manner in which you prefer to communicate: Do you like creating videos (YouTube), interacting with varied comments and opinions (Twitter), or creating a story with images (Instagram)? Cherry Editorial can gladly help you get on the right platforms and create the presence you’re dreaming of.

Derive Your Confidence from Your Purpose

While building on your writing career, don’t underestimate the importance of reflecting upon your purpose and goals as an author, nor should you downplay the power of creating a professional online persona through consistent social media interaction. Your judicious efforts in these areas will help springboard your influence as an author, and give you confidence in the message you intend to convey.

As Benjamin P Hardy notes, “the intention and energy we put into our marketing is a clear reflection of how much we believe in what we’re doing.”

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