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Tips for Freelance Writers

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Some of us absolutely dreaded essay assignments in high school and college, but this blog is for those of us who got maybe a little too excited when it was time to write!

Writing is a wonderful outlet of self-expression, which is why so many passionate curators opt to become freelance writers to start their careers. By following my tips for freelance writers, you can help begin (or boost!) your freelance writing career.

1. Be Proactive

There are many other individuals like you, trying to grab freelance opportunities as soon as they can, which is why it is so important to be ahead-of-the-game. After all, that means you’ll be ahead of your competition! But how can you accomplish this? By being proactive, actively seeking out opportunities, and filling out any and all applications! Keep the hustle going!

2. Find Your Niche

The best way to stand out from the rest and enjoy your projects is by finding a niche or specialty; from this, you can start to build your brand. Your interest in your chosen subject should be evident in your writing; after all, there’s nothing more exciting than writing about something you're passionate about!

Finding a niche in the writer's market can potentially help you land more employment opportunities, or, should you be seeking this, a permanent position.

3. Maintain A Sense of Urgency

My advice is plain and simple: stay on top of your work! I know we all procrastinate, but when it comes to writing, procrastination is a very slippery slope. Putting it off one more day can so easily land you right at your deadline, unprepared. This produces a rushed, not-so-great submission. The easiest way to avoid this is make yourself a schedule and stick to it! Hold yourself accountable to what needs to get done.

4. Take What You Dread Head-On

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip: what you dread, you are likely to put off. The best solution here is to start with the part you don’t really enjoy; maybe that's the intro, the conclusion, or even just a topic you aren't fond of! The more you dread it, the more likely you are to put it off.

Getting the “hardest” part done first will result in an easy breezy finish.

5. Check, Check and Check Again

Having a clean, concise piece is essential to your writing. Clients are not going to want to proofread your paper and suggest edits when you should have (and could have) done that!

While that may sound like common knowledge, remember to double- and then triple-check your work before submitting it or sending it off to the client. This piece you have worked so hard on is a representation of you as a writer and your level of professionalism. So make sure it is spotless!

My Tips For A Freelance Writer

There you have it: some tips and tricks to help you get started or further develop your freelance career as a writer. There are many other essentials that are useful in a writer's toolbox, but by using the ones above, you can start on the right track. Remember not to overwhelm yourself: this is something you should have fun with. Take things slow, figure out your strengths and stick to a pattern.

Happy writing!

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