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Virtual Job Fair in 2020

With so many schools transitioning to virtual learning due to the current pandemic, a lot of activities that used to be in person have become remote as well like job fairs! This makes it easier for people to look for jobs, even during the pandemic. Having a virtual job fair is a good way to help more people become employed in a world where we don’t know what might happen. Here is a list of tips for anyone who is going to a virtual job fair in 2020:

Prepare Ahead of Time

1. Register

Most virtual job fairs will have you register for the fair prior to the event. By doing so, you will be able to see the employers who will be attending the fair before you go! Know who you may want to talk to and prepare yourself for who you may see. Take this time to also research the companies so you are ready for a conversation about their work and mission before the fair.

2. Get your Resume Ready

This is a very important part of any job interview or fair. Always have your resume ready and up to date before attending the fair. You should also have your LinkedIn account and portfolio ready (if you have one), to show a potential employer your further experience and qualifications.

3. Practice What You're Going to Talk About

I know this may not be appealing or fun to do, but practicing how you are going to introduce yourself or what interests you about their company is a good way to gain confidence before the fair. If your confidence is high and you are more prepared to have a conversation, the employer may see this and be more enthusiastic about hiring you.

4. Make Sure your Technology is Ready

Making sure your Wi-Fi is connected and you are in a place with no distractions nearby is key to having a good conversation with a potential employer. If you are using a platform like zoom or google hangout, make sure your camera and microphone work in case someone wants to talk to you through the camera. It could also be helpful to have a practice fair by yourself before the actual fair to make sure all of your technology is working and ready to go.

What to do While in the Virtual Fair

5. Dress Professionally

Although this is an online event, do not be tempted to dress casually! You should always dress professionally when talking to employers about jobs. Looking professional will make you look ready to begin the process.

6. Engage!

Once you are put into a conversation with an employer, don’t stay quiet! Get out there and start talking and telling them why they should hire you. Make it known that you are interested in the position by pitching your own ideas and show what you can do for them. Most importantly, make sure the employer remembers your name at the end of the conversation.

7. Have Strong Body Language and Professional Communication

Usually in a job fair, communication will be through chats, so make sure your writing is professional and clear. For those few times you might be in a video chat, have strong body language and look professional. According to Kristina Ericksen in the article, “12 Ways to Make the Most out of a Virtual Career Fair,” keeping eye contact with the employers is very critical, and you do this by looking directly in the camera, not at the employer.

8. Don’t be Afraid to be Forward

Don’t be scared to offer sending the employer your resume or portfolio or ask about the next steps, whether that is getting in touch with human resources to schedule an interview or filling out a job application. Before you part ways with an employer, ask for their contact information so you can follow up with them.

One More Tip

Don’t let everything you just did go to waste. On the next day, reach out to the employers and thank them for their time while also expressing your interest in the job. This shows the employer that you are serious about the position. This is also a way to remind them who you are and what you could do for their company. With everything starting to go online, being better at working virtually will start to become our new normal. Click here if you need help networking and here if you need help with video conferencing.

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